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Please note that NEWS2 has recently moved to a new system. All users that held an account on the previous version (pre 18th April 2018) will need to re register and complete the module again in order to gain access to a certificate.



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Educational Establishment

Welcome to the National Early Warning Score online training resource – NEWS2.

This website provides an opportunity to learn about the implementation and use of the National Early Warning Score system which has been introduced across the NHS.

Here you will be able to access online training on how to fill in the forms and effectively operate the NEWS2 system, as well as the option to print out a personal certificate showing that you have successfully completed the training.

The NEWS observation chart, score card and clinical responses can be downloaded from the main NEWS page at https://tfinews.ocbmedia.com

Please note that NEWS2 is designed for use in adults aged 16 years and above. NEWS2 is not recommended for use in children, during pregnancy or spinal cord injury.